Onshore Power in Baltic Seaports

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CEF Proposal Project Number: 2019-EU-TM-0125-W

Description of Action

Scope and objectives of the action:


Onshore power supply in the port of Aarhus

The main objective of the activity is provisioning of sustainable shore power in the port of Aarhus to enable vessels to cover their electricity demand by green electricity while being alongside berth instead of using on board engines running on fossil fuels.

Onshore power supply in the port of Copenhagen

The main objective of the activity is to establish onshore power supply t ROPax ships at Søndre Frihavn and to passenger ships at Oceankaj and Langelinie. The activity is divided into two sub-activities.

Onshore power supply in the port of Stockholm

The main objective of the activity is the provisioning of sustainable shore power to passenger ships in the Port of Stockholm to enable the vessels to switch-off their on-board engines running on fossil fuel.

Onshore power supply in Helsinki

The Port of Helsinki Ltd. plans the implementation of one OPS facility to supply the berth LHB, LHC, and LHD of the Hernesaari cruise quays.

Action management

This activity contains the controlling and management of the global project by forming a Project Steering Committee to overlook and coordinate the implementation of the activities.

Ex-post climate change impact assessment

The objective of this Activity is to analyze possible climate change impacts of the conducted OPS investments. The assessment will provide an ex-post update of the CBA estimations on the contribution of the Action to climate change targets and of the possible prior environmental assessment including air and noise emissions.

Consortium Members

Four Ports - Onshore Power in Baltic Seaports
Port of Aarhus
Port of Aarhus
The Port of Aarhus (Danish: Aarhus Havn) is a deep-sea port located in the city of Aarhus. It is the largest container port in Denmark, handling more than 65% of country’s container traffic. The Port of Aarhus shipped roughly 8.9 million metric tonnes of cargo in 2019.
Port of Copenhagen
Port of Copenhagen
Copenhagen Malmö Port AB (CMP) operates the ports in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen and in Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö. The ports are located either side of Øresund, a strait between the two countries. The combined Øresund Region is the Nordic countries’ largest metropolitan area in terms of population.
Ports of Stockholm
Ports of Stockholm
Ports of Stockholm offers quay-berths, facilities and services for ferry, cruise and goods traffic. Each year 12 million passengers and 10 million metric tons of goods pass though Ports of Stockholm efficiently and cost-effectively.
Port of Helsinki
Port of Helsinki
The Port of Helsinki (Finnish: Helsingin Satama, Swedish: Helsingfors Hamn) is the busiest passenger port in the world and the main port for foreign trade in Finland. For passenger traffic, serving a total volume of 11.6 million passengers in 2018.
Symbios Funding & Consulting
Symbios Funding & Consulting
Based on its comprehensive experience as the leading CEF consulting company in Europe, Symbios Funding & Consulting GmbH offering advice to energy and transportation institutions as well as research institutions on the acquisition of EU funds.


The proposed Action will be implemented from 2020 to 2024 and has an indicative budget of 76.39 mio. Euros. It will result in an estimated net-benefit of 342.32 mio. Euros achieving a cost-benefit ratio of approx. 3.35.
2019-EU-TM-0125-W Requested Funding Recommended Funding
Total eligible costs: 76.39 mio. Euros 76.39 mio. Euros
Funding: 15.31 mio. Euros 15.31 mio. Euros
EU support: 20.04% 20.04%